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Filing Back Taxes

An unstated but commonly followed IRS policy regarding filing back taxes is that if a taxpayer voluntarily files their ... Read More

Offshore Banking Accounts

An offshore bank account refers to a bank account that is not in one's country of residence. Read More

Payroll Taxes

Payroll taxes refer to the taxes that employers are required to withhold and pay on behalf of their employees. Read More

Tax Levy

A levy is a legal seizure of a taxpayer's property in order to fulfill a taxpayer's outstanding tax debts. Read More

Tax Amnesty

Tax amnesty refers to a statewide or federal program offering tax relief to a taxpayer while eliminating the option of ... Read More

Tax Penalty Abatement

By means of tax penalty abatement, a taxpayer may get rid of nearly all aspects of penalties or interest, just not the ... Read More

IRS Tax Lien

The term IRS tax lien refers to the government's right to claim your property if a taxpayer neglects to pay their taxes. ... Read More

Property Seizure

Property seizure refers to when the IRS seizes the property of individuals who have failed to pay their taxes. The ... Read More

IRS Tax Audit

An IRS tax audit is performed to ensure that the tax information supplied is entirely accurate. Simply because a tax ... Read More

Tax Evasion & Fraud

Tax fraud occurs when one falsifies information while filing taxes. Tax evasion occurs when one completely fails to file ... Read More

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Blog Entries

Understanding Home Office Tax Deductions
Nov 19/2013 - Determining what qualifies as a deductible home office expense and the amount of your allowable deduction can be ...
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Federal Taxes for Small Businesses
Nov 5/2013 - Small business owners, like any other individuals, are subject to a variety of federal tax laws. Depending on the ...
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Filing an Amended Tax Return
Oct 21/2013 - If you make certain kinds of mistakes on your federal income tax return, then you may need to file an amended income tax ...
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News Updates

College Football Tickets Causing
Oct 31/2012 - According to Star-Telegram, the experience of watching the University of Florida Gators and South Carolina Gamecocks comes with an expensive price
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Problems with the New Tax Law
Oct 16/2012 - According to The Marysville Advocate, the Kansas populace tracks politics based on how politicians play with taxes and how taxes affect their finances.
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Pot Considered for Tax Increase
Oct 3/2012 - According to The Daily Herald, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado are in the race of who can legalize smoking of marijuana. In Colorado, voters are already in the ...
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Lawmakers Aim Crackdown on
Sep 16/2012 - According to The Baltimore Sun, a few people in Congress desire to fire federal government employees who're significantly past due on their own taxes.
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